5 Advantages of WebRTC for Businesses

By Mike Economou



5 Advantages of WebRTC for Businesses


Businesses are always looking for better ways to manage their staff communication efficiently. And with internet-enabled services like Emails and Web Conferencing, you can reach out to your employees and your potential clients in a much better and faster way.

WebRTC, in particular, has revolutionized the way businesses conduct communication with their staff as well as their clients.

Here are some of the most prominent advantages of WebRTC for businesses


• Helps Save Traveling Time and Costs:


The most important and rather obvious benefit of WebRTC is that of reduced travelling time and costs. Let's say you have to arrange an emergency meeting with your staff and you don't have enough time to have your employees come to the office and attend the meeting there.

You can have all these people become part of a video conference through the web, and there, you can explain the purpose of this meeting to them. It would save time and travelling expenses for you as well as your employees.


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• Enhances Productivity:


With WebRTC, it is much easier for your audience to gather around and discuss your schedule. Whether it is your employees or your potential clients or business partners, you can set a meeting in just a couple clicks at max. This allows you to make faster and better decisions in less time.


You can discuss the current issues with your business strategy and can track the performance of each department of your business in a much more efficient way.

Ohiya Networks has been helping businesses increase their communication productivity with our top of the line WebRTC solutions. Ohiya Networks also offers desktop phones with white glove Installation and Integration, Mobile Communication, Contact Centers, Unified Communications and SIP services. • Improves Potential Clients Outreach:

Reaching out to potential clients is essential for every business. The faster you can reach out to them, the better chances you have of making them work with you or buy what you are selling. If you didn't do that, they would move on to the next option.

WebRTC is a big help in that regard. You can set up meetings with your clients via web conferencing and can begin engaging them on the go. For client outreach programs, time is of the essence, and this is what WebRTC is going to help you with.

• Increased Employee Presence:


With WebRTC, your employees would feel motivated to become part of crucial emergency business meetings. All your scattered teams can join in through Web Conferencing, and you can share your reasons for the meeting with them.

Research shows that there is more than 80% increase in employee attendance when it comes to emergency meetings with Video Conferences.


• Offers Competitive Advantage:


WebRTC helps you get a competitive advantage over your competition. By utilizing WebRTC with your internal business communication, you get increased efficiency, better communication, faster decision making and increased employee retention.

All these benefits work together to give you a massive competitive advantage over your competition.

Use WebRTC to optimize and enhance your inner Business Communication as well as the output of your client outreach programs.