5 Signs you Need to Upgrade Your Business Phone System

By Mike Economou

In an age where communication takes place over so many media, you need to consider when to upgrade your business phone system.

We are in the digital age, and you’ll find customers wanting to reach you via texting, web chat, email, video chat, and conference calls. The phone is still a popular choice, so you know you need to have one.

But what you don’t need is a legacy system that’s costing you money and customers.

Yes, you need a business phone system, and here are 6 reasons why you should upgrade yours today.

Your system is outdated

It’s getting more difficult to find parts and experienced technicians, and both are increasingly expensive. With legacy phone systems that are tied to a phone company, the technology is becoming obsolete. As such, it is unlikely that manufacturers will continue to make parts or provide support for these systems.

This will eventually render your system useless with obsolete hardware and expensive maintenance costs.

Limited functionality and featureless

If the only thing your business phone system can do is make calls, then you definitely need to upgrade.

Can you track your call stats, provide reports on operations, monitor calls? These are just a few of the features you need in your business, especially if you manage a sales team or a call center.

Today’s business environment is data-driven. Limited access will inevitably cripple your growth prospects. When faced with basic management challenges like these, then an upgrade of your business phone systems is the right approach.

Capacity limited for telephone lines, people, and scalability

Traditional phone systems come with limited telephone lines and capacity. Increased call volume will pose problems. Expansion, therefore, requires additional hardware to support new lines. This can become rather costly and time-consuming to put into effect. This limits how fast you can scale your business and services.

An IP-based system, on the other hand, allows you to scale upward or downward depending on your needs.

Your staff works remotely

Since the pandemic, many businesses have transitioned to remote working conditions and intend to continue doing so. Naturally, this poses a communication problem with customers if your business is tied to a legacy phone system. If you’ve considered or have transitioned, you know that a legacy system cannot facilitate the needs of a remote working environment.

A unified communications system would allow your remote team to communicate with each other and externally with ease.

New office or expansion for additional office locations

If you’re changing offices, you’ll need to consider the time and costs involved in uninstalling, transporting, and re-installing your legacy phone system. If you’re adding a new location, you’ll need to identify a similar set-up to what you currently have.

Both issues highlight why it’s simply easier to transition to a cloud-based solution like VoIP or a unified communications platform.

Ready to upgrade your business phone system?

These are just a few of the reasons why it’s a good time to upgrade your business phone. If you assess the challenges you are facing now, especially in

relation to communication, you’ll find even more reasons to switch to a more advanced communication set-up.

The longer you wait to upgrade your system, the more expensive it gets to maintain it. Acting now positions you to improve your communication and translates into reduced operational costs and improved productivity.

For more information on upgrading your business phone system or how to go about doing so, contact our sales team at +1 (720)-673-0200.