Empower Your Remote Teaching Team with WebRTC

By Mike Economou

Schools are back in session. But because of COVID-19, we need to do things just a little bit differently. With the need for remote learning or blended classroom options, you may be exploring a variety of software and apps.Unfortunately, you can’t find one that suits the needs of all your stakeholders. Here’s why WebRTC from Ohiya Networks is the perfect conferencing software for teaching.


WebRTC for School Administrators

School administrators prefer WebRTC because of cost savings, ease of use, compatibility, and quick deployment capabilities.


Give your teachers better options

In-person teaching may not be ideal for all class settings. Some parents may choose to keep students at home. To facilitate everyone, and keep your staff and students safe, blended, virtual, and remote classrooms are always a safe choice.



Reduce operational costs

WebRTC allows you to eliminate a lot of apps and software. Some you may only use because of one feature. Others cannot be used because you don’t have the necessary infrastructure. WebRTC avoids all this by giving you one simple to use browser-based tool that supports teachers, students, staff, and parents.


Easy to deploy

If in-person teaching needs to stop because COVID-19 cases spiked, then you can quickly implement remote teaching with no hassle.


Improve communication

Most PBX and phone systems only work if you’re in office. WebRTC gives your remote team access to clear, accessible communication in office and working from home.


WebRTC for Teachers


With WebRTC, teachers can offer their in-person and remote students an engaging learning experience.


Auto logs attendance

Teachers won’t need to divert attention to take individual attendance records. WebRTC auto logs students as they sign in.


Records sessions easily

The platform allows for recording live teaching sessions for later review.


Better teaching experience

Teachers can engage more with their students, even is the experience is virtual. Provide slides, share your screen with ease, offer interactive teaching sessions with group engagement in chat, by call, and video. The clear video experience that makes blended sessions a breeze.


Classroom management. Teachers can manage classroom engagement and interactions from their interface to keep classes organized


WebRTC for Students

Students need an easily accessible platform that doesn’t take a lot to learn how to use.


Web access not necessary to participate. Students can dial into class using WebRTC’s phone feature.


More interactive experience

Students can engage with the content, interact with other classmates, ask questions without interrupting the class flow


Works for in-person and remote learning. Blended teaching options are facilitated by in-person teaching or remote access.


WebRTC for Parents

Parents want a platform that is easy to understand, use, and set-up for their kids. They don’t want to be constantly updating software, downloading and installing apps, or juggling multiple software to help their children learning from home.




Easy to set up

No need to learn any new app or install new software on their computer. Parents can simply log in via the web interface. Or have their kids call into a session if no internet connection is available.


Connect with teachers

It’s easier for parents to connect with teachers, including having virtual meetings, PTA sessions, etc., while maintaining physical distancing.


Access teaching material

Parents can quickly access teaching material, recorded videos and more to ensure their kids are keeping up in class.

To learn more about how WebRTC can enhance the teaching and learning experience in your school or district, then request a demo of our video conferencing software for education.