Is Secure Video Conferencing Possible? Why Ohiya is at the Forefront of Many Business Owners Minds

By Mike Economou


How are your video conferencing capabilities different from everyone else out there? Is your Video Conferencing platform secure? How can your services help my business right now?


We have been answering these and other variations of these questions a lot lately. Many have come from insurance brokers and managers of companies with multiple locations.


The primary need is to maintain/improve communication – especially with the stay at home orders in effect. They also need to be able to effectively communicate with clients in a secure environment. And they stressed security and privacy. Some were spooked because of this security flaw and others here in a popular video-conferencing platform.


Now, they all handle highly sensitive and private information. Because of this, they want to make sure the next platform they invest in stands up to their security scrutiny while offering as much productivity enhancements as possible.


So, this post will outline what our services bring to the table to help you keep your business operational, especially as you need to work from home.


Question? How effective is your remote team?

Before we dive into the features, a question for you - How effective is your remote team?

That’s a question we addressed in our post on meeting the challenges of remote working. We ask because the answer directly relates to the services Ohiya Networks provides our clients. And it addresses the second part of their concerns – increasing employee productivity even as they work remotely.


So, what do we do?


We offer cloud-based unified communications products, solutions, and services that help businesses increase productivity and maintain profitability in a remote working environment. Our entire business model is based on helping you work remotely. For example, insurance agents can communicate in real-time with clients and prospects with live-video chat without having to ask clients to download and install anything.


Here’s a quick run-through of how we do that through video conferencing.


The Secure Video Conferencing Platform

Video conferencing based on WebRTC is one of the most secure means of communicating between staff, and with clients. It provides a secure channel to simplify your communication into one easy-to-use space. It’s all browser-based, so you don’t need to download an app to your computer. You just do everything right there in your browser.


So, are you currently using multiple apps and software for calls, emails, sending documents, video calls, sharing your screen to run your business? That’s complicating communication. We offer a unified browser-based communication channel to handle all that in a highly secure environment.


Features of Ohiya’s WebRTC Video Conferencing Platform

· Check-in on your workers, especially if you run a large establishment with multiple locations, with real-time with our Presence & Geo-location information.


· Call your teammates or your clients how you or they prefer with both video and audio call


· Send Memo Messages with ease from your browser.


· Employees can use the Chat feature to communicate with each other or with your company’s clients/customers


· Fax & SMS to One or More Users


· Get AI Assistance


· Set up faster and more connected Conferences with External Users

· Access Corporate Phonebooks to reduce time spent searching for information and increase engagement with clients, suppliers.


· Have your contact centers or customer care units interact with customers through their preferred methods (web and phone) with Unlimited Auto Attendants & IVRs


· It’s even easier to share your screen during calls or to send files quickly with the Screen Sharing & File Transfer option


· Unlimited local and long-distance calls to ensure you can always keep in contact no matter how remote your team is – whether the other side of the state, country, or overseas.


Moving forward


When you’re operating in a world with so many privacy and security threats, you can’t leave your communication up to chance. So, yes, there are many more popular video conferencing software out there. But popular doesn’t always equal secure, private, and enhanced productivity. You should invest in more than a tool to talk to people. After all, you want your business to grow, even in these uncertain times.


So, let’s help you make that happen. Schedule a demo of our WebRTC video conferencing system and see why we are years ahead of the rest. Or, if you have a question, send us a message here at