Maintain effective communication with your remote team!

By Mike Economou




· You want a competitive advantage

Your video conferencing capabilities can give you a advantage over your competitors. With the right platform, affordable facilities, optimization for productivity, you can lead your field in the delivery of your services.


Schedule a demo of our web-based video conferencing and communication systems. You will see how quickly and easily you can incorporate video conferencing in your business.

You’ll also see how affordable our solutions are. And why they stand the test of time, despite the many apps and platforms that spring up daily offering video conferencing capabilities.


· Video conferencing is more than just meetings

When you manage a remote team, employees feel more connected when they can engage with each other. Where face-to-face communication isn’t possible, video conferencing fills that void. So, consider your video conferencing tools as more than meeting facilitators. They are also employee engagement tools.


· Reduces the need for business travel

With the increase in remote work, the need for business travel could have increased as well. But, video conferencing has negated that need to only specific circumstances. For example, yes, we know when you’re assessing a call center site, you will need to take a trip. But, you can do most of your other meetings remotely.

· Increases productivity

Employees are more engaged with video conferencing. It improves team productivity when you have teams in different locations


· Better employee retention

When you can support remote workers, you help employees maintain a better work-life balance. This is important for employee retention and keeping a low churn rate. Video conferencing, which part of a suite of tools that enable remote work, helps you in that process.


-Larry Rogers

Ohiya Networks- Senior Engineer