Cloud-Based Unified Communications Products, Solutions, & Services

The simple, immersive, and easy to use communication experience. Connect your team or clients anywhere on any device

Unified Communications in Greewood Village & Centennial, CO

Ohiya Networks is the Cloud-based unified communications solution for your business. Built on a powerful WebRTC platform, you enjoy increased web sales and business efficiency. We make advanced technologies simple and easy to integrate and deploy. Let's get you set up for calling, chat, audio, and videoconferencing capabilities in an in-office or remote work environment.

Business Phone Solutions

Let us help you build out a customized communication system tailored for your business. Our office phone solutions offer excellent reliability and scalability. Plus, you get all your communication devices with full SIP support. Choose from VoIP to desktop phones, conference phones, and other multimedia devices.


Forget the hassle of apps, downloads, and infrastructure requirements. Instead, choose the simple and fast way to connect people from anywhere on any device. Instantly host or manage a conference meeting or call from any remote location. You're in an HD environment with high-quality sound and video. So, let the technology work for you. Have more smart meetings. Enjoy effective communication with our WebRTC audio and video conferencing solutions.

SIP Trunking Service

Ready for a worry-free pathway for all your PBX and other communication needs? Access our low-cost, reliable cloud SIP trunking service. We help you maintain effective communication at a high-speed and quality. Our SIP implementation enables you to connect multiple channels. Or switch between them for efficient and well-managed communication and contact service.

Unified Communications

Upgrade your business collaboration and productivity levels. With a single platform, your team can handle calling, messaging, meetings, video conferencing, and team collaboration activities. No need for you or them to juggle several apps which decreases productivity. Plus, you maintain better security of your business and client information in our secure and reliable platform.


Take advantage of enterprise API integrations, no matter the size of your business. Integrate a range of third-party apps and hardware through WebRTC and Wildix. This makes our services easier to deploy. You have fewer financial implications and little to no down-time when transitioning to our cloud-based communication system. Plus, experience enhanced security throughout the integration process. Finally, WebRTC is one of the most secure platforms in the world.

Internet Connectivity

It's time for a unified communications approach for a mobile-ready business team. But you need to have quality internet. We ensure that you always have top speed internet connectivity and an uptime of 99.99% on average. Let's get your business internet ready to support your cloud-based solutions. See the results in accelerated productivity, lowered operating costs, and a more structured path to business growth.

Contact Centers

Make every customer experience memorable. Here is where better contact management makes all the difference. So, deliver unparalleled customer service and improve your customer satisfaction. Equip your contact center team to manage every customer engagement quickly. Plus, your contact center can work from home. We give you the cloud solution to manage your customer contacts and build customer loyalty with every interaction.


Empower your workforce and drive efficiency and productivity through Mobility. Ohiya Networks allows you to take advantage of a mobile, remote, and global workforce. But in doing so, you also improve how well your team works together and collaborate on projects. They have at their fingertips the necessary tools to deliver exceptional customer service. Let us help you design and deploy a mobile business communication platform that drives business growth.

Global Partners

We have established global partnerships so that we are accessible worldwide. This allows businesses like yours to move to a unified communication platform quickly. We carefully choose our partners based on to their expertise. They enable organizations to take advantage of WebRTC solutions that give businesses a competitive advantage. Let's get you the business communication solutions that enhance customer experience and build team engagement.

Why Ohiya Networks

Expansive Expertise

The experienced Ohiya Network team designs and delivers cloud-based communication solutions for business, educational, technical, and other environments. We also have a strong partner support network. Our clients can always count on us for reliable, quality service.

Unbeatable 5-Year Warranty

We offer an exclusive five-year warranty on all our WebRTC and unified communication devices for your business. So, you can boost your business knowing that we stand behind our products. You can expect us to be there should you ever need us

Global Reach

Ohiya Networks works with businesses and institutions across the globe. So, we know and understand your markets and can help you customize communication solutions. You will expand and grow your own reach globally.

Increased Productivity

Our solutions come with built-in AI. That means a deviceagnostic approach to collaboration and communication. There is no hardware system requirement and no need for VPN. This is all delivered in a secure, browser-based web interface.