Hotel Phone Systems for Premier Hotels and their Guests

Managing hotel communication can be difficult and costly. Ohiya Networks gives you a better way to improve your hospitality services and enhance your guest experience with a cost-effective hotel telephone system.

Improve the hospitality experience with a better hotel phone system. Get ready to deliver a 5-star communication experience within your hotel. From small boutique hotels to large luxury properties, Ohiya Networks helps hoteliers enhance their guest experience while saving money.

Unified Communications Solutions for the Hotels that want an Advantage

A modern and flexible phone system is critical for a hospitality business. The right phone system integrates well for a better guest experience, supports your CRM, and meets your specific internal and external communication requirements. You can achieve that and more with Ohiya Networks' hosted and cloud-based hotel phone system that lets you handle enquiries seamlessly and deliver a personalized service.

Let us help you provide the best customer experience to your guests while efficiently managing your operations. Book an appointment with Ohiya Networks and see how a new phone system could save you money while improving efficiency and your guest experience.

Unified Communication Features Designed for Hotels

We proudly offer VOIP and managed phone systems for the hospitality industry.

PMS Integration

Compatible and integrates easily with property management systems


Enables safe, secure, touchless check-ins and check-outs for guests

Secure Service

Guest personal information is kept safe and deleted on checkout


Easily integrated into current systems as it is custom built for your needs

Improves Productivity

Enjoy increased operational efficiency with improved staff communication

Integrated System

Browser-based web technology for quick adoption and installation


Expand or reduce your communication platform, as necessary.


Adaptable to the needs of any hotel department or processes

SIP Trunking

Reduce costs while transforming your hotel communication

A proven track record of excellent unified communication capabilities

Ohiya Networks has a proven track record of supporting small and medium-sized businesses that require disruptive telephony services. We have the knowledge and skills to ensure our clients can access a scalable and reliable communication platform that supports their hotel management and guests.

With a combination of legacy PBX systems and an advanced unified communication platform, our hotel clients get the best of both worlds should they want to. Or they can upgrade to a fully cloudbased hotel phone system customized to their needs.

We integrate voice, video, and data in a seamless, unified hotel communication platform with hotel phone system hardware, guest room phones, internet, and phone line integration.

A hotel phone system from Ohiya Networks provides:

  • Additional collaboration between staff
  • Efficient management and cost reductions
  • Enhanced and efficient guest services
  • Scalability as businesses grow or adjust to seasonality

Custom-built hotel phone systems that make your job easier

It pays to have a better communication system to connect with guests and collaborate with your team. We will help you identify the most practical and affordable option tailored to support your hotel communication needs.

  • Some of the features and benefits you can expect:
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Seamless check-in and check-out of guests
  • Do not disturb for guest extensions
  • External call blocking when rooms not occupied
  • Guest scheduling wake up calls
  • Billing of calls to rooms and for video conferencing
  • Allowing housekeeping to set room status via the phone

Get started with a cost-effective custom hotel phone system today.

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