Keep Your School and Classrooms Connected, Organized, and Functioning Remotely

We are focused on the needs of teachers and students. That's why we provide real-time video, audio, screen and slides sharing, chat and more. You can engage students with built-in interactive features. Record classes and lectures for future viewing.

WebRTC is perfectly designed for your educational environment. And Ohiya Networks helps you use it to bring your classes online, remote, or blended with just one video conferencing and communication platform.

Not your average video conferencing software

The work your educational teams do matter - whether in-person or remotely. Give your teachers the reliable and easy-to-use video conferencing and communications software that lets them get more done from anywhere.
Keep administrators, teachers, students, and parents connected even as you improve the learning experience for teachers and students

Reduce the number of platforms or apps you use

No need to worry about installing and learning to use multiple platforms. With Ohiya Network, you get one platform that seamlessly provides all the resources and functionalities of your many other apps.

Enjoy Superior video conferencing capabilities

Our hassle-free video conferencing software allows your students to feel engaged, and for teachers to feel that they're in their classrooms again. So simple to use with just a click of a button yet a powerful tool to reach all your stakeholders with ease.

Slash your monthly costs by up to 35% or more

Ohiya Networks WebRTC platform allows you to get rid of multiple apps and software that duplicate services. There's no need to upgrade systems or buy new hardware or software. Plus, it's all accessible using a browser.
So, save money, time, and other valuable resources using the unified communication and video-conferencing platform with all you need for a better teaching and learning experience.

Requires less support effort

WebRTC comes with a lower learning curve and fewer technical and usability problems. It's easy to use without any prior knowledge. There's no need for VPN access to your school's servers to start a class.
You and your team can devote more time and resources to helping your students and less time learning new software or upgrading systems.

Video Conferencing Software for Schools & Online Classes

This single tool can handle all your meeting needs from a quick call to a full video conference with your school district. It's the unified platform for all your educational video, meeting, phone, and chat needs.

Effortless screensharing functions.
Quickly share presentations and class material in real-time while hosting classes and virtual sessions.

Seamless file sharing experience.
Send files, assignments, and course material to students and parents in a secure environment.

Smooth communication platform.
Host online meetings, conferences, trainings with teachers, administration, and parents.

Engaging teaching experience.
Make teaching and learning fun again. The platform allows for engaging interactions with your students, even virtually.

No student left behind.
Voice-only connections for students without video-conferencing capabilities. Accessible on desktop, smartphone, and tablets.

Modern solution to today's educational challenges

Ohiya Networks and WebRTC helps schools, colleges, and universities improve teaching and learning. Improved student outcomes are inevitable. Our secure platform facilitates online and remote learning, hybrid classrooms, administrative and district meetings, parentteacher conferences, office hours, and so much more.

​Join the many educational institutions that are using Ohiya Networks WebRTC for their remote learning solution.