Virtual Classroom & Hybrid Learning

1. Seamless remote and blended learning facilities for schools wishing to continue to offer both
2. Limitations of popular platforms in integrating all the needed features in a single source
3. Cost of multiple apps and platforms eating into budget

For Safe & Secure School Dismissal Solution, the main problems revolve around:
1. Maintaining social distance protocols for school pick-up and drop-offs
2. Accessibility of apps with built-in security to ensure safety of kids
In response to these issues, Ohiya Networks developed several applications not just to tackle the problem of now, but for the future. Through these developments, we're providing innovative solutions to improve administrative efficiency and school safety for charter, private, and public schools.

Introducing WizyWeb, Ohiya Networks virtual classroom and remote learning platform

With WizyWeb, we wanted to create a better virtual classroom experience with multimodality support and reduced distractions.

  • WizyWeb is an all-in-one remote learning platform that supports simple and straightforward virtual classrooms without the need for extra apps and support.
  • It is designed to improve the effectiveness of virtual teaching and learning and reduce teacher/student frustrations.
  • We've seen schools save up to 30% by eliminating legacy systems and reducing the number of online platform subscriptions.
  • A browser-based, encrypted, and secure virtual classroom system accessible across devices and browsers
  • Clear HD teleconferencing without the need for an app download
  • Better teacher classroom management support from managing participants to arranging screens exactly the way they're needed
  • Scalability for increased or decreased student enrolment
  • Enhanced student interactions with quizzes, polls, whiteboards
  • Improved communication with real time file sharing, text chat, and more

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